Scientist who has worked on Cancer Research at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory … yes, the same Laboratory that Oppenheimer worked in. Co-Author of 12 Scientific Papers including one in Nature. I met Glenn T. Seaborg ( Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry and co-discoverer of Plutonium ) and Hélène Langevin-Joliot, Marie Curie’s granddaughter.

Award-Winning Film Director, Screenwriter and Producer. Nominated twice for the GOYA Awards and also twice Candidate for an OSCAR Nomination. I met Nicole Kidman in a Film Festival.

I gave Christopher Nolan a copy of my short film “Daisy Cutter” and Leonardo DiCaprio signed me an Autograph. I share an Ex Aequo Film Award with Denis Villeneuve ( Director of Blade Runner 2049, Dune and one of my favorite Sci-Fi Movies : The Arrival )

Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of God-i.Live a Streaming Social Network for sharing Experiences in Real Time with a cool new Wearable Device. I’ve presented my startup to His Majesty King Felipe VI at the Mobile World Congress and I have met Steve Job’s Evangelist … Guy Kawasaki in Silicon Valley. If you want to invest in the Next “Small Thing” … just let me know before is too late !